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2 Preparing your Hospital

Preparing your hospital

Things you need to put into place to prepare your hospital or care facility for COVID-19

Protocols for rationing strategies & allocation systems

Allocation of Resources During Pandemics: Strategies for rationing protocols and allocation systems.

Strategies for managing surge & increasing hospital capacity

Strategies for Managing Surge and Increasing Hospital Capacity

Preparing the room for COVID-19 patients

Steps required to prepare hospital room and beds for Covid-19 patients

List of items needed for treatment centre

A list of medical items you will need in the following hospital areas: Secondary Screening Area, Presumpitive COVID area, COVID ward, Critical Care Area >>

Screening, testing & isolation of inpatients

COVID-19 is highly infectious. Infection control and prevention are critical to protect patients and staff. Administrative controls, environmental controls and personal protection are all key elements of a safe environment.

Cohorting of COVID-19 positive patients & staff

If a single/isolation room is not available, cohort possible or confirmed respiratory infected patients with other patients with possible or confirmed COVID-19.

Low and Middle Income Country COVID-19 solutions

Managing COVID-19 in resource limited settings: critical care considerations for Low to Middle Income Countries

Potentially useful tools

The aim of an aerosol box is to decrease hazard to healthcare workers when intubating and extubating patients who are Covid19 positive.

Guidelines for hospital visitors during COVID-19

Guidleines for hospital visitors during COVID-19
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