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Preparing the room for COVID-19 patients

Introduction / overview

Preparations/setting up the patient room (bed station)

  • Windows and doors of the room must be kept closed with a HEPA filter in operation
  • Set up the room and protective equipment according to checklists (see below)
  • Attach the “COVID-19 positive patient” signs to the patient room
  • Restricted access in positive cases
  • The cleaning service is informed by the ward management. The management of the cleaning service is responsible for the implementation of disinfection measures

Isolation room checklist

  • Disinfectant gel, powder and wipes
  • Two separate areas (clean and dirty zone, e.g. two trolleys)
  • Laundry and waste containers with lids
  • Garbage and laundry bags (yellow and red; double bag system)
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Overshoes (yellow; blue with defined exceptions)
  • Respirator masks FFP2/FFFP3/N95/KN95, fit check; containers for storage
  • Safety glasses
  • Surgical caps
  • Decongestant
  • Waterproof pen
  • Mobile equipment trolley (ejecting blood tubes etc.)
  • Vital sign monitoring device (with pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor), thermometer, stethoscope, glucometer, if necessary
  • Bed linen, terry towels, blankets, nightgown, pillow, incontinence material, mesh pants, disposable towels and cloths
  • Disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, spatula, mug, cotton swab, spatula, kidney cups, disposable mouthpiece
  • Oxygen connection with adapter and nasal cannula if necessary
  • Sharps container for used syringes, opened glass vials, and other sharp objects
  • Wall clock, furniture (bedside table, table, chair)

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