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Guidelines for hospital visitors during COVID-19

Introduction / overview

In general no visits to COVID-19 positive patients should be permitted.

Exceptions require approval by the hospital ward management, or by the hospital hygiene or infectious diseases management team.

Any visitors are informed by the nursing staff about the protective measures (protective equipment, hand disinfection) instructed.

Visitors must wear a face mask for the entire duration of the visit. Visitors must screen negative for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and must not have a history of travel or close contact with a COVID-19 positive person within the previous 14 days.

Hospital visiting restrictions

The UK NHS recommends that special arrangements are to be made to accommodate the following essential visitors:

  • Parents of children who are inpatients or attending an outpatient appointment. Parents must remain with their child at all times
  • One person to support someone with a mental health issue such as dementia, a learning disability or autism where not being present would cause the patient to be distressed
  • One family member of those receiving end of life care
  • One designated support person for antenatal and intrapartum patients

All arrangements MUST be made through the nurse in charge of the ward.

  • All visitors MUST use hand sanitiser when entering and leaving clinical areas
  • Children MUST NOT visit

It is essential you do not visit if you have a persistent cough, flu like symptoms or fever.

Virtual visiting

As you cannot visit in person, please use technology such as social media and phone calls to stay in touch. If the person you want to speak to does not have access to their own phone or tablet please call the hospital.

Signage to support restrictions

The following graphics are used in UK hospitals to inform staff and public about visiting precautions. They can be downloaded and printed for use in your medical facility, or used as inspiration for your own signage in your local language.

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