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7 Treatment in Hospital

Algorithm for drug treatment for patients with COVID-19

The latest COVID-19 Adult treatment algorithm from YALE School of Medicine

Managing cancer surgery during COVID-19

Mr Henry Tilney, Consultant General Surgeon MBBS MD FRCS : Managing cancer surgery during the Covid crisis

Management of patients with COVID-19 pneumonia

If the initial assessment shows that the patient has hypoxia, or a rapid respiratory rate, supplemental oxygen should be given with a goal is to maintain the oxygen saturation (SpO2) 92% to 96%.

Oxygen therapy with limited resources

Oxygen Therapy with Limited Resources: COVID-19 Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) and Pneumonia

Prone positioning in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

Background, Rationale and Benefits The increased utilisation – over the past few decades - of various imaging modalities in the investigation of respiratory disease has...

Intubation and extubation

Introduction Source: Intensive Care Society PDF Link The recent COVID-19 pandemic has seen the critical care community treatingincreasing numbers of patients with ARDS over recent...

Prevention of complications in critically ill patients

Introduction Implement the following interventions (Table below) to prevent complications associated with critical illness. These interventions are generally limited to feasible recommendations based on...

Multi-system organ failure / shock

Introduction Note: The diagram is meant to illustrate the overall management of organ failure/shock and does not replace more detailed intensive care guidelines. Manage...

Patient discharge

Introduction Discharge criteria for confirmed COVID-19 cases – When is it safe to discharge COVID-19 patients from the hospital or end home isolation? Below is...

Dead body management

Procedures and best practices for dealing with COVID-19 victims bodies.
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