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Washing hands and skin care during COVID-19

In this exclusive video senior staff nurse Dez demonstrates the correct procedure to wash hands in a hospital environment.

Hi I’m Des, I’m a practice educator, I’m going to be showing you how wash your hands properly before you put on your PPE garments.

Any of the solutions you can use in the scrub, and I have running water in here. I wash my hands first, and I put lots of washing up liquid. Make sure you wash your hands, fingers, between the fingers, and then the back of your hands.

Wash off your soap. Two minutes is quite enough to wash properly. And then more soap, wash off. Your hands should feel very clean.

Dry it using disposable paper towels, make sure you’ve dried it very well before you use your PPE.

Now you’re ready to put your gloves on..

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Skin care during COVID-19

Skin Care during COVID-19

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