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Multi-system organ failure / shock


Note: The diagram is meant to illustrate the overall management of organ failure/shock and does not replace more detailed intensive care guidelines.

  • Manage vasopressors and fluids based on a conservative fluid strategy: give patients smaller volume fluid boluses (15ml/kg instead of 30ml/kg) and, when available, initiate vasoactive medications {e.g. norepinephrine, dopamine) earlier in the course of shock.

Sources & links

  • COVID-19 and multi-organ response | Link

‘ This paper aims to add onto the ever-emerging landscape of medical knowledge on COVID-19, encapsulating its multiorgan impact.’

  • Partners in Health | Flow chart | PIH_Guide_COVID_Part_II_Clinical_Management_6_1
  • Pulitzer Centre | How does coronavirus kill? Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, from brain to toes | Pulitzer Centre
  • George Washington University | A 360 degree virtual reality technology to show the damage done to the lungs of a COVID-19 patient, showing a stark contrast between the virus infected abnormal lung tissue and the more healthy adjacent lung tissue. | Video Link
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