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List of items needed for treatment centre

Gather together the medical equipment you need to test and treat COVID-19 patients

The following table is a list of medical items you will need in the following hospital areas:

  • Secondary screening area
  • Presumptive COVID-19 area
  • COVID-19 ward
  • Critical care area
Durable EquipmentSecondary Screening AreaPresumptive COVID-19 AreaCOVID-19 WardCritical Care Area
Scales, adult and paediatricXXX
Thermometer infraredXXXX
Pulse oximeterXXXX
VS machines/BP cuffXXXX
Cardiac monitorsX
Infusion pumpsX
Beds with washable mattressXXX
Pillows (washable)XXX
Plastic chairsXXXX
Waste binXXXX
Nurse station/provider station tableXXXX
Pharmacy tableXXX
Pharmacy cabinetXXX
Medication trolleyXXX
White board with markers for patient trackingXXX
Laryngoscope, various sizesX
Light for clinical examsXXXX
Clock with second handXXXX
Suction machineX
Oxygen source – 02 tanks vs 02 concentratorXXX
CONSUMABLESSecondary Screening AreaPresumptive COVID-19 AreaCOVID-19 WardCritical Care Area
Non-sterile glove – smallXXXX
Non-sterile glove – mediumXXXX
Non-sterile glove – largeXXXX
Bar soap + water sourceXXXX
Hand sanitizerXXXX
Bio hazard bagXXXX
Sterile gloves, assorted sizesX
IV cannula 18 – 24 gaugeXXX
IV tubing, 15-20 drops/ccXXX
IV tubing, 60 drops/ccXXX
Nasal cannula, paediatric and adultXXX
O2 mask, paediatric and adultXXX
O2 mask, non- rebreather, paediatric and adultXXX
Adhesive tapeXXXX
Bag, urinal drainage, with non-return valve and tap, sterile, 85cm tube, 2000mLXXX
Nasogastric tubes for adults and childrenXXX
Foley catheter 12Fr and 16FrXXX
Needle, 18G, 21G and 25GXXX
Spacer for inhalersXXX
Syringes, 5ml, 10ml and 20 mlXXX
Cotton wool, 500g rollXXX
Wristband, patient identificationXXX
Body bagXXX
Sharps container, 3 gallonXXX
Tablet bag, resealable, with pictogram, 80mm x 100mmXXX
Underpad, tissue, 3 ply, 17in x 24in (chux)XXX
Bag, specimen transport, 6in x 9inXXX
Tube, blood collection, heparin, green top Vacutainer tubes caseXXX
Tube, blood collection, K3 EDTA (K3E), 15% solution, lavender top, 6mLXXX
Tube, blood collection, serum, silicone coated, red top, 6mLXXX
HIV rapid testsXXX
Hemocue microcuvettesXXX
Glucometer stripsXXX

(only if site capable of mechanical ventilation)
Viral filter for ventilator circuitX
Ventilator circuitX
Ambu bag, adult, paediatric and neonatalX
Endotracheal tube – 4.0 – 8.0X
Information courtesy of Partners In Health
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