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What is Integrated Crisis Management (ICM)

My name is Dominic Morgan and I am the Director of Operations for Inspiral Health.

Inspiral Health is a ‘coalition of the willing’, being built by global clinicians, educational and industry leaders and experience disaster responders. All volunteers to bring together their individual knowledge and desire into a collective effort, to help build a better reality for all. 

A crisis can be defined as a critical event or sequence of unstable, dangerous critical events capable of overwhelming current organisational structures, capacity, and response, or to cause, by its very nature a loss of structures, capacity, and response, directly leading to suffering or organisational loss.

When faced with crisis, which by its very definition has the potential to either overwhelm us and our organisations, or to adversely impact on us or organisational resources, such as a pandemic or Sudden Impact Disaster (SID), causing both impacts to occur at the same time. Therefore, in crisis, we are required to think and act differently. So how do we do this. 

The answer is amazingly simple, as a crisis affecting a complex environment, cannot be resolve with a complicated solution. Consider this equation, if you have a complex environment, such as health care, any solution that is complicated will normally result in unachievable. Therefore, if something is unachievable, in any circumstances, it often means you have complication and complexity working against each other. Crisis cannot be solved this way.

Complicated + Complexity = Unachievable.

Equally, Unachievable = Complicated + Complexity.

Integrated Crisis Management (ICM) is designed to apply a clear and simple response to all crisis situations and while ICM preparation will reduce the scale and nature of the adverse impact created by crisis, it can also be applied during any crisis.

So how do we respond to crisis and what is Integrated Crisis Management or ICM, as it’s known? ICM has been developed in response to address significant crisis, that could be affecting you, your family, your team, your organisation, your healthcare system, county or a global need or threat. It can address all crisis situations, affecting any type of organisation, at any time.

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